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Hermes lead the way for embellished bag straps and later Prada, Dior and countless others followed, but Fendi’s crystal strap is different than any other currently available. For Summer 2016, the last replica handbagscollection overseen by Jack Simons, Dior debuted the most decadent and ladylike handbag strap any of us here at have ever seen. Reading about the designer handbags collection a few months ago, I was instantly drawn to the floral motif and mesmerizing crystals of the wide shoulder strap. The juxtaposition of the Mini Lady with a wide strap were perfectly complementary–the replica bag’s small size allowed the visual focus to be on the embellishments.


My job really comes full circle after we write about a bag or a handbag we love in photos and then we see it for the first time in person. While carrying these Cute Hermes Kelly Bags for the first time, my admiration went from lust to love in a matter of seconds, and I think many will understand why!

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Your first big-ticket hermes birkin bag purchase is a big step and really signals a new stage in your life, and I’m so happy you came to us for help. I love the fake bags you picked and how different each one is; it helps me to give you a rundown on each and share why each would work or not work for you. It’s wise to find a hermes replica bag you can carry all week and transition it to the weekend, as well; that’s important when looking for your designer replica bags.

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